DA Candidate Mark Sacha Wins Pants-on-Fire Award


For some time it has been the worst kept secret in town that District Attorney Candidate Mark Sacha never actually recommended prosecution of Steve Pigeon to former DA Frank Sedita.   Seems he made that story up after he was fired for publicly criticizing Sedita for failing to do what he never recommended.  That fact probably played a role in the dismissal of his law suit against Sedita.   Don’t take my word for it, read Judge Skretny’s decision yourself:

Skretny Sacha Dismissal

Part of Mark’s problem in pursuing his suit was his own testimony taken at an Examination Before Trial by intrepid local attorney, Adam Perry.   The key portion of the EBT where Sacha admits his report to Sedita didn’t recommend prosecution of Pigeon is pages 108 and 109, presented below:

108 109

Now we realize that these pages are taken out of context, so you can read  the whole EBT here:

April 2012 DepositionTranscript of Mark Sacha

Mark is a lawyer, and he was represented by counsel at this EBT.  It is pretty clear that he never told Sedita to prosecute Pigeon.  He pretty much said “This is what we have, Frank, you decide what to do.”  If he was telling Sedita to prosecute Pigeon, why didn’t he just say so?  Apparently his crusade as a Pigeon hunter is a role he fabricated once he found himself in private practice.

Fast forward to the Buffalo Association of Black Journalist’s debate at the Burchfield Penney last night.  When Sacha’s attention was called to his prior sworn admissions by Acting DA Mike Flaherty, Mark lost his cool and called a Mike a liar.  See WGRZ report, Part 7.

For lying about his own sworn testimony cited above, and calling Mike Flaherty a liar when confronted with the truth, Mark Sacha is hereby awarded the very first Field of Dreams Pants-On-Fire Award.


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  1. This information runs entirely contrary to the public narrative was which is that Mr. Sacha was fired as an ADA because he was a lone crusader for the punishment of Steve Pigeon which successive corrupt DA’s refused to pursue. Now it seems that this is not entirely accurate. I would invite Mr. Sacha to comment on this blog and I hope Mr. Reese that you would be willing to let him express himself in any words he cares to choose.

  2. Frank Parlato:
    I have extended the invite to Mr. Sacha.

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