Appellate Court Buried Sacha

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In spite of his attempts to portray himself as some sort of abused crusading hero, four federal judges have decided that Erie County District Attorney candidate Mark Sacha is full of baloney.   Of particular note is the 2013 decision of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit which is available below.

Sacha_v._Sedita 2nd Circuit

In this terminal decision, a three judge panel concluded that “that Sacha’s speech was not protected under the First Amendment.”    But, as the steak knife salesmen say, “Wait there’s more!”    The court also found that “In this case Sedita has demonstrated that Sacha’s speech was sufficiently disruptive to justify terminating his employment as an assistant district attorney.”    In short, the good judges would have fired Sacha sooner than Frank Sedita did, based solely on his inappropriate behavior.   Their honors thought Sacha’s speech was of public interest, but “Though the public’s interest in the subject of Sacha’s speech is significant, it is not significant enough to overcome the systemic disruption to the Erie County District Attorney’s Office that First Amendment protection for speech such as Sacha’s has the potential to cause.”

Buffalo News and the rest of the local media:   WTF don’t you understand about clear and simple words presented by the US courts in a language which I have come to call “English”?    In the name of God and her surrogates, what will it take you to understand that Sacha is spinning a load of manure that you rubes are parroting with an unquestioning faith that would embarrass a five year old child?





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