John Flynn’s Problem with the Truth


While reading a BNews story quoting Erie County District Attorney candidate John Flynn a few months ago, I was struck by the inaccuracy of his comments.   “… I’m not sure how running twice classifies me as a perennial candidate..,” stated Flynn at that time.   Twice!  Twice!  I seem to remember John running every year.  A quick check of the local news media indicates that Flynn was mentioned as interested in or actively seeking:  Sheriff in 2005, County Executive in 2007, State Senator and District Attorney in 2008, State Assembly in ??, State Supreme Court Justice in 2009, Democratic Elections Commissioner in 2012, and Court of Claims judge last year.    This in addition to two admitted runs for Town Council (2003) and Town Justice (2007) in his home Town of Tonawanda.   Nine of the last fourteen years sure sounds like a “perennial candidate” to me.

Then I searched my memory banks all the way back to 2012.   I seem to recall a John Flynn from the Town of Tonawanda running for Election Commissioner on a Frank Max/John Flynn ticket against Jeremy Zellner/Dennis Ward.   Sure enough a foray through the dusty old attic located our instructions to Max/Flynn committeemen which I handed out at the 2012 Democratic Party Re-organization Meeting.   At that time I was an enthusiastic Frank Max supporter, along with Steve Pigeon and Sam Hoyt.   Some sort of deal was cut to put a guy named John Flynn on the ticket as Election Commissioner in return for the support of John Crangle and his Town of Tonawanda Democratic Committee.   This was supposed to ensure Frank’s victory in the County Chairman battle.

Max-Flynn Flyer 2012-0001

History indicates that things didn’t work out that way.   Maybe it was another John Flynn who didn’t “officially” run for the biggest patronage plumb in the County?

Then today I received this

from an unidentified source.   I guess it is that John Flynn.

It has been reported that Flynn has told union leaders that he never voted to downsize the Town Board in Tonawanda or cut employee benefits.    But an examination of Board minutes indicates that he did both while a board member.

How about the troubling problem of his endorsement by both the Conservative Party and Andrew Cuomo’s Womens Equality Party?    Is it possible to be Pro-Birth and Pro-Choice at the same time?   How can anyone reconcile the differences between what these parties supposedly stand for?    It seems John Flynn is at least as truthful as a used car salesman.

One final thought:   Cheektowaga is bigger than the Town of Tonawanda.   The Cheektowaga Town Attorney reportedly makes $50,000/year in a full time job.   John Flynn makes $97K per year in a part time job which allows him time to pursue a lucrative personal injury legal career.   This man has been well taken care of by his political pals.   Can he afford to be a full time District Attorney?

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