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I have previously reported on the examination before trial (EBT) of Erie County District Attorney candidate, Mark Sacha, taken as part of his civil rights suit against former DA Frank Sedita.   See Pantsonfire   and       109.

It seems that the popular myth of Sacha as a crusading DA hero who was fired in violation of his civil liberties by Sedita is just that, a myth.   Perhaps more like a fable made up by Sacha after he was fired when his behavior became so disruptive that four federal judges essentially said they would have fired him themselves.   I have been told the EBT is quite entertaining and enlightening, so here it is:

Sacha EBT Part 1

Sacha EBT Part 2

Sacha EBT Part 3

Sacha EBT Part 4

If you don’t have time to watch it all, watch the last segment.   There are some amazing revelations about Sacha’s conduct at the DA’s office.

Here’s a new riddle:

Q:  How are Geoff Kelly, Mark Sacha, Alan Bedenko and the Erie County Democratic Committee alike?

A:  They are all one trick ponies and they are dedicated to hating Steve Pigeon.   That’s

their only trick.   😎

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