Spotlight on Green Party Candidate Dorothy Sobczyk


Well it looks like the Democrats are trying to steal the Green Party line again this year.  See this and that.   Dorothy Sobczyk, a registered Green senior citizen from Pendleton is running for the New York Assembly seat in District 146.    She is opposed by an Opportunity-to-Ballot attempt led by Steve Meyer of Amherst.   Meyer, a Democrat, is also the Executive Director of the Erie County Democratic Party and the endorsed Democratic Party candidate in AD-146.

In a shocking turnaround from last year, Green Party State Treasurer Eric Jones and Erie County Green Chairman Charley Tarr are rumored to be joining County Executive Mark Poloncarz’s endorsed Democrat Amber Small (State Senate 60) in supporting Meyer.  Meyer “has spent his entire life fighting for WNY families,” while riding on the backs of registered Democrats.   When he grows up, he intends to buy a razor to combat his perpetual stubble look and earn enough to move out of his parent’s basement.

Small’s campaign is also financing legal efforts of intrepid local Greens Tarr, Jones, and other Democrats to “invalidate and cancel the voter enrollment of”  Green James DePasquale, Jr., a registered Green who will be the Green nominee for State Senate District 60 this year.   Noted Democratic Party attorney Frank Housh is lead counsel in Small and Tarr’s efforts the use a Spanish Inquisition inspired ideological purity tribunal to dump DePasquale and other Greens who don’t agree with them from “their party.”

Field of Dreams has been unable to reach Jones or Tarr for comment on this story.


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